I came to Tokyo from California in 2002. I continue to wait for this city to bore me or run out of new opportunities/experiences so I can move on, but it has yet to oblige. So here I am, with the subject of Tokyo becoming increasingly personal (and the misrepresentation/fetishizing of it increasingly frustrating). For the last five years I have worked, to some degree (along with other roles as incongruous as itinerant barmaid and consumer trend researcher), as a freelance writer covering, vaguely speaking, culture. As I write for various media on a number of different topics (from beauty to bars), I needed a way to hold it all together, a means of monitoring themes (or alerting myself to a lack of such)—the reason I began this site. While I obviously rely on tips (from both friends/acquaintances and less objective promotional reps) for a lot of articles, a fair number of stories are born from a random encounter, simply through my endless impulse to wander. Hence the name “legwork.”


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Doug Campbell

    Hi Rebecca,
    I too live/work in Tokyo, and I came here from California to teach film at Tokyo Film Center School of Arts. I enjoy your work! I wish you luck in your pursuits.
    Doug Campbell

  2. Dear Rebecca,

    I hope that this note finds you well and that you pardon the contact out of the blue.

    I just noticed your text on cnn (!) and thought it might be nice to try and say “hello”.

    I moved here (Tokyo) in ’02 as well and presently work with Taka Ishii Gallery as well as
    assist my wife, Misako, in running a young gallery MISAKO & ROSEN. I have no specific reason for getting in touch – generally, I’ve been doing my best for years now to help -in my own small way- prompt an international conversation related to contemporary japanese art and it’s place within a broader contemporary culture.

    It might be nice to meet and chat at some point if you plan to visit either gallery… we’ve got a Sunday Brunch / opening at MISAKO & ROSEN this weekend…….!

    Ok. Hope to hear back from you at your convenience.

    Take care,


    PS – I’ve got a brain like a goldfish (swim around once then forget…and so on….) so if we’ve already met please pardon this foolish mail!

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