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Complete list of published works
updated November 30, 2008


For Tokyo Metropolis:

• Close up: “Louis Vuitton Tokyo City Guide,” December 12, 2008.

• Close up: “WUT Berlin,” December 12, 2008.

• Dining Diary: “Tengu Jelly! Samurai Ice Cream!” September 26, 2008.

• Feature: “Fashionable Youth: With so many creative brands catering to youngsters, kids in Tokyo have never dressed so well,” September 19, 2008.

• Close up: “H&M,” September 19, 2008.

• Bar Review: “Standing Bar S, a refreshing ladies-only tachinomiya lands in Shinjuku,” July 21, 2006.

Tokyo Metropolis is Japan’s no1 English language magazine and has a weekly readership of 67,500.

For Japan Inc.:

• “Digital shopping technology makes models out of consumers,” July/August 2008.

• “Trends in Japan: Eco Fashion,” March/April 2008.

Japan Inc. is a Tokyo-based English language magazine for foreign professionals in Japan.


For JC Report:

• “Seoul Womenswear: The good, the bad, and the ugly,” November 6, 2008.

• “Seoul Dreaming: A menswear round-up,” October 27, 2008.

• “Junya Tashiro: QR codes in textiles,” October 14, 2008.

• “Future Forward Fashion Shows,” September 9, 2008.

JC Report is a New York-based webzine examining global fashion trends with over 50,000 subscribers to its twice-monthly mail magazine.

For PingMag:

• “Vending Machine Extravaganza,” June 16, 2008.

• “Mint Designs: Lacy balloon apparel,” November 5, 2007.

• “Takatora: Edo wordplay on Japanese textiles,” April 23, 2007.

PingMag is a Tokyo-based bilingual online magazine about “design and making things.”

For Tokyo Art Beat:

• Feature: “Tokyo Design Week 2008,” November 6, 2008.

• Feature: “Under the Tracks: The Koganecho Bazaar,” October 25, 2008.

• Review: “Yokohama Triennale 2008: Cao Fei: Venturing into the virtual spaces of Second Life, the Chinese artist invites you to Play with your Triennale,” October 10, 2008.

• Review: “An Orchestrated Theater of Dichotomies: Annette Messager’s retrospective at the Mori Art Museum presents a highly tactile world of room-sized installations,” September 11, 2008.

• Review: “Branding the Mid-Century: From Meiji chocolate to nuclear energy — The Printing Museum showcases key examples of graphic design from the 1950s,” June 30, 2008.

• Review: “And They’re Off: Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery holds an exhibition of Formula One design,” May 27, 2008.

• Review: “Multiple Expressions: The work of eight artists is showcased at the National Art Center,” Tokyo, April 25, 2008.

• Review: “The Demure and the Moody, Kasho Takahata: Two charming museums in East Tokyo reveal the allure of Meiji to Showa illustration,” March 19, 2008.

• Review: “Diamond Designs: A shining example of contemporary diamond jewelry at the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum,” February 19, 2008.

• Review: “Design Sampler: The Fuji Xerox Art Space gives viewers a taste of the early years of graphic design,” December 21, 2007.

• Feature: “Coin Locker Hijack: Tokyo-based Belgian artist Eric Van Hove’s latest installation makes novel use of ‘public’ space,” December 18, 2007.

• Feature: “Central East Tokyo, The Making: Through a series of exhibitions and events, art students are injecting the gray expanse of Tokyo’s central east business district with some color and life,” November 28, 2007.

• Review: “Retrospective of a Corporate Artist: The Setagaya Art Museum takes a comprehensive look at the life, art, and legacy of visionary Shiseido president Shinzo Fukuhara,” October 29, 2007.

• Review: “Shedding new light on Painting: Masato Kobayashi mixes painting with sculpture and installation to brilliant effect,” September 21, 2007.

• Review: “360 degrees of Virtual Play: The NTT ICC’s current exhibition is a fusion of art, science, nightclub visuals and child’s play,” August 18, 2007.

• Review: “Paintings by a Pyrotechnic: Shiseido Gallery holds an exhibition of Cai Guo-Qiang’s explosive but serene artworks,” July 20, 2007.

• Review: “‘Unprinting’ Color Prints: Graphic Trial 2007: A visit to this exhibition feels like a cross between an art-school senior thesis presentation and a walk-through technical manual for the making of Pop Art,” July 1, 2007.

• Review: “Two Centuries of European Haute Couture: Find me one person who couldn’t do with a little more romance. To that effect, the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum has put together an attractive exhibit on Rococo fashion (think silk brocade, embroidery, and floor-sweeping gowns) and the evolution of the dress in Europe thereafter,” June 5, 2007.

Tokyo Art Beat is Tokyo’s bilingual art and design events guide and has been featured in The Japan Times, The Nikkei Shimbun, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal Online. See my profile for full articles.

For Fashion Snoops:

• “What is Seoul Fashion Week?” November 17, 2008.

• “Street Shopping Seoul,” October 24, 2008.

• “H&M Finally Comes to Tokyo, Or the ballad of the have and have-nots,” October 6, 2008.

• “Retro Gaming Nostalgia = Fashion!?” August 22, 2008.

• “Traditional as trendy: The summer yukata,” August 1, 2008.

• “Style Wars: London vs. Tokyo,” July 14, 2008

• “Tokyo hearts Brazil,” June 23, 2008.

• “Is Harajuku Cool?” June 2, 2008.

• “Big Brother Fashion in Tokyo,” May 7, 2008.

• “The Future of Advertising, in Tokyo Now,” April 18, 2008.

• “Start-up Fashion Weeks,” March 28, 2008.

• “The Japanese Denim Phenomenon,” February 25, 2008.

• “Tokyo Tradeshows – Local or Global Fixture? Creative Tradeshow Rooms goes for Both,” February 11, 2008.

• “Lash Out: Eyelash Treatments Become de Rigueur for Tokyoites,” January 9, 2008.

• “Virtual Reality Retail Therapy for Cell Phones Debuts in Japan,” December 11, 2007.

• “High Fashion Girl Glossy Debuts on Tokyo Magazine Racks,” November 23, 2007.

Fashion Snoops is a global fashion news website providing industry insiders with trend research and market analysis. See my profile for full articles.

For L’Officiel India:

• “Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dinner at Armani,” February 2008.

• “The World’s Hottest New Bars: Tokyo,” December 2007.

• “Ultra-mod Urban Oasis: The futuristic Roppongi area of Tokyo is a virtual hot bed of activity and wins top marks for the place to see and be seen,” July 2007.

• “Spotlight on Japan: The tide is changing on the Japanese fashion landscape, with a brazen new generation of designers storming the scene with their audacious yet refreshing designs. Two such labels, mercibeaucoup, and Mint Designs, are on the forefront of this revolution. Here, we meet the designers behind the brands, who are every bit as avant-garde as their clothes,” February 2007.

• “The World’s Hottest New Bars: Tokyo & Shanghai,” December 2006.

• “SUSHI CITY: Here’s how Tokyo-ites will be keeping cool during the scorching months…,” July 2006.

L’Officiel India, voted the top fashion magazine in India, is the Indian edition of the French magazine, L’Officiel.


For Caviar Affair:

• “Japanese Ryokan,” Fall 2007.

• “Luxury Travel in Japan, as told to Rebecca Milner,” Fall 2007.

Caviar Affair is a quarterly American magazine providing news and intelligence on luxury travel, style, and cuisine.

For Karma:

• “Shopping Metropolis: If you think you’ve outgrown the mall, you’re wrong. Or at least you’re on the wrong side of the world. Tokyo’s ultra-luxe urban oases are not the malls you grew up with; they may, however, be the malls of the future,” Fall 2007.

• “Tokyo beyond the neon lights,” Fall 2006.

• “My cup of Tokyo tea,” Fall 2006.

Karma is a San Francisco Bay Area-based nightlife magazine with a circulation of 50,000 and is distributed at newsstands and the top restaurants, bars, and nightclubs in major cities across America.

For Lifestyle&Travel:

• “5 star simplicity: Tokyo based Rebecca Milner shows off her favorite ryokan break in Japan’s central mountains,” July/August 2006.

Lifestyle & Travel is magazine dedicated to all things travel, published in Bangkok and distributed throughout Asia and the Gulf.


For Ameba News:

• 「春には桜、チューハイーー不思う義の国ニッポン」 (“During the spring cherry blossom season in Japan, the wonders of “chu-hai” sparkling alcoholic drinks”), April 14, 2007.

• 「英会話教室は愛人獲得の場ーー不思義の国ニッポン」(“The English language classroom is the place to find love”), February 23, 2007.

• 「愛人たちのクリスマスって?ーー不思義の国ニッポン」(What’s up with all these Christmas love affairs?”) December 23, 2006.

• 「突然の泥酔闖入者ーー不思義の国ニッポン」(“Suddenly, a dead-drunk intruder!”), October 22, 2006.

• 「日本のアレの方がいい!——不思義の国ニッポン」(“The Japanese do it well!”), September 20, 2006.

• 「私の下着を盗んで何するの?ーー不思義の国ニッポン」(“What’s become of my underwear?”), August 2, 2006.

Ameba News is a Japanese portal site with over 13 million unique visitors per month.


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